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Critical Illness is a form of insurance that pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis and survival of a serious illness. The proceeds from the policy can be used to cover medical expenses, lost income, or even take a well deserved vacation.

Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis...these and other life altering illnesses are more prevalent now than ever before. Today, increasing numbers of people who have experienced such an illness are surviving! But will their finances survive? Few of us are prepared for the financial burdens that can threaten both our lifestyle and our security.

What are the odds that you will suffer from one of these illnesses during your lifetime? What would happen to the quality of your life? Would you lose all or a large part of your financial independence? Would you and your family find yourselves in a position of financial hardship? We all like to think that "It won't happen to me!" However, the statistics show us that the chances of suffering and surviving a critical illness are real.

Living Advantage is a health insurance policy that helps provide financial protection in the event you suffer any one of twelve critical illnesses.